Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre

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About our school

Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre plays a major role in the delivery of sustainability education and fieldwork programs for schools in Western Sydney. It is one of the 25 Environmental and Zoo Education Centres (EZEC) across NSW. The lagoon and surrounding woodland provide opportunities for students in Kindergarten to Year 12, TAFE, universities as well as community groups to study freshwater and woodland ecosystems.

Longneck Lagoon EEC is located on Whitmore Road, Maraylya, in Scheyville National Park, 12 km north of Windsor. The national park comprises 952 hectares of remnant Cumberland Plain Woodland including a 17 hectare freshwater lagoon which provides a range of sites for studying the physical, cultural and historical features of the site. Scheyville National Park has a significant Aboriginal and European heritage. There are several Aboriginal sites located around the lagoon including middens and camp sites. European history dates back to 1794 when the area formed part of the Nelson Common. The impact of this land use can be observed around the Longneck Lagoon catchment.

Longneck Lagoon EEC offers a variety of curriculum based environmental education and fieldwork programs for Kindergarten through to Year 12. The centre aims to engage and challenge students while contributing to their development as responsible and environmentally literate citizens.