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Stage 3

Stage 3 programs are delivered in groups (preferably class groups) with a maximum group size of 30 students. EEC teaching staff lead all teaching and learning activities. 

Numbers above 60 can be negotiated and incur an additional staffing fee to enable experienced and trained staff to lead a third group (total maximum number of students is 90 per day).


Australia as a nation – Australia – my new home

NSW​ History​​ K-6​ Syllabus outcomes

  • identifies change and continuity and describes the causes and effects of change on Australian society HT3-3
  • applies a variety of skills of historical inquiry and communication HT3-5.

Inquiry questions

  • Who were the people who came to Scheyville in the early 1900s and mid1900s? Why did they come?
  • What were their experiences?
  • What contribution did they make to Australian society?


  • Being a Dreadnought boy – history detective trail and interactive tour.
  • Scheyville Migrant Camp – site investigations, make and do games and cultural activity.

Excursion summary for printing (WORD 14 KB)