Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre

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Early Stage 1

Early Stage 1 programs are delivered in groups (preferably class groups) with a maximum group size of 25 students. EEC teaching staff lead all teaching and learning activities. 

Numbers above 50 can be negotiated and incur an additional staffing fee to enable experienced and trained staff to lead a third group (total maximum number of students is 75 per day).

Science & Technology

Natural environment - A bug's needs

NSW​ Science​ and​ Technology​​ Syllabus outcomes

  • identifies the basic needs of living things STe-8NE.

  • explores their immediate surroundings by questioning, observing using their senses and communicating to share their observations and ideas STe-4WS. 

Inquiry questions

  • What are the needs of living things?

  • How do living things grow and change? 


  • Dipnetting for water bugs.

  • Observe characteristics of water bugs.

  • Learn about needs and life cycles of water bugs.

  • Bush bug habitat walk.

  • Design and make your own bug.