Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre

Telephone02 4573 6323


Preparing for an excursion

Risk assessment

You will receive a copy of the relevant risk assessment and emergency procedures by email once the booking is secured. Use the information provided to prepare your specific risk assessment for the excursion.


As most of our programs are outdoors, we may have to postpone your visit if the predicted weather compromises safety. Check Sydney’s weather forecast or a more detailed forecast for Windsor. We will reschedule your excursion as quickly as possible. 

Student wellbeing

Let us know relevant student information prior to the excursion so we can maximise student learning and engagement. Do this using the student welfare return (part of the confirmation package) and return it one (1) week before you attend. Include information such as:

  • medical needs/issues

  • accessibility requirements

  • learning needs

  • behaviours to be aware of.

Longneck Lagoon EEC uses the Positive Behaviour for Learning model with the core values of safe, respectful and engaged. 

Student learning materials

Your excursion may use worksheets for students. These will be emailed to you as part of the confirmation package. Print these before you attend and bring them with you. 

Earth friendly lunch

An Earth friendly lunch only uses recyclable or reusable containers. This helps to reduce waste.

An Earth friendly lunch may include:

  • sandwiches in grease-proof paper

  • fresh fruit

  • biscuits or cake in a paper bag

  • a drink in a reusable container.