Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre

Telephone02 4573 6323


Excursion programs

Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre offers a range of syllabus-based excursions which provide opportunities​ for​ students​ to​ engage​ with​ their​ natural​ world​ through​ a​ range​ of​ hands-on​ activities,​ observing​ and​ questioning​​ while​​ learning​ about​ living​ things​ in​ their​ natural​ habitat.​ Our highly qualified and experienced Department of Education teachers lead all teaching and learning activities. Programs are delivered in groups (usually class groups) with a recommended group size of 25 - 30 students with a maximum group size of 30. 

Total maximum number of students per day is:

  • Early Stage 1 = 75 students
  • Stages 1-5 = 90 students
  • Stage 6 = 75 students.

Make a booking

Book an excursion by ringing the centre on 4573 6323 or by sending an email to longneck-e.school@det.nsw.edu.au.

Have the following information ready when you call or include the information in your email.

  • Name of the program.
  • Two or three suitable dates.
  • Stage or year group.
  • Approximate student numbers.

You will receive a confirmation email prior to your visit including copies of the relevant documentation such as risk assessments, emergency procedures, student welfare return and student worksheets if needed.

Availability calendar

  • Please have a look at the calendar below to see available days.
  • Days that are blank are already booked and are not available for excursions or incursions.

  • This is a live calendar that changes as bookings are made.

  • Click on the blue arrow buttons to view different months on the calendar.