Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre

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Stage 5

Stage 5 programs are delivered in groups (usually class groups) with a maximum group size of 30 students. Centre teaching staff lead all teaching and learning activities. 

Total maximum number of students is 90 per day. 


Living World – A Bandicoot Habitat

This excursion is conducted at nearby Mitchell Park Picnic Area within Cattai National Park (five minutes from Longneck Lagoon) and utilises a contextual approach to understand the interactions and the flow of energy through an ecosystem and how the site is managed sustainably.

NSW​ Science 7 - 10​ Syllabus outcomes

  • Analyses interactions between components and processes within biological systems SC5-14LW

Inquiry question

  • Will the ecosystem within Scheyville National Park support bandicoot populations?


  • Site surveys of biotic and abiotic factors

  • Habitat assessment

  • Human impact on the environment

  • Food web.

    Excursion summary for printing (WORD 15 KB)


Environmental Change and Management – The where, what and why of the Cumberland Plain Woodland.

The excursion supports 'Environmental Change and Management' from the NSW Geography 7-10 syllabus. Students investigate the endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland at Longneck Lagoon to understand how the ecosystem functions, the impact of human activity and the current management strategies in place.

NSW​ Geography 7 - 10​ Syllabus outcomes

  • Analyses the effect of interactions and connections between people, places and environments GE5-2

Inquiry question

  • What are the causes and consequences of change in environments and how can this change be managed?


  • Plant community assessments

  • Land use and management

  • Water quality assessment

  • Human activity and impact.

    Excursion summary for printing (WORD 15 KB)